The Security Council and its members have the objective to seek peace and international security. When there is a conflict among the nations, it takes charge on looking for them, so that the problem is solved in a peaceful way.


1. United States

2. United Kingdom

3. Russian Federation

4. France

5. China

6. Ivory Coast

7. South Africa

8. Equatorial Guinea

9. Kuwait

10. Indonesia

11. Peru

12. Dominican Republic

13. Belgium

14. Germany

15. Poland

16. Venezuela

17. Colombia

18. Cuba

19. Japan

20. Philippines

21. Malaysia

22. Vietnam

23. Argentina

24. Chile

25. Panama


Dear delegates,

Welcome to the Security Council of MUN ESEN 2019. My name is Guillermo Bazán, Business Engineering student, and it is an honor to take the seat as the President of this Committee.

The Security Council is the United Nations’ committee in charge of keeping peace and international security, in virtue of the United Nations Charter. By being part of this amazing experience, we encounter with many different nations with a variety of political, social and economic perspectives about the world. By working together and getting to a mutual benefit, it is our duty to determine a solution to a real-world conflict between nations.

Nowadays, we, the young people, have the duty to change the world in a positive way. It doesn’t matter where we come from, our responsibility is to give something good to the society. This kind of activities let us begin in this journey of change, by putting into practice our critical thinking, leadership and negotiation.

I hope we can enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, listening to different perspectives and opening our minds so that we can become the future of this world.

Guillermo Bazán, President of the Security Council MUN ESEN 2019.

Integrantes del comité:

PresidentGuillermo Bazán
VicepresidentEduardo Rodas
Conference OfficialPablo Rodríguez
ModeratorAlondra Orantes



The South China Sea conflict is a territorial dispute among states over the region. It involves nations such as Brunei, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Through this territory, it is estimated that there is a five trillion of dollars global trade annually, involving oil, natural gas, hydrocarbon and fish stocks. This immense water territory includes many islands, which are not populated, but are used for military bases. These, combined with the commerce of the sector, are what creates value to it.

What is known as the South China Sea has been, for a long time, considered international waters by the countries near it. China, however, claims it as their property. The countries mentioned before, of course, disagree with this claim, which has triggered the conflict among them. If it was accepted, the territory would become Chinese, and it would allow them to control all navigation (including commercial), which would give them a several advantage over the commercial flow, compared to every country in the world as it is estimated that five trillion US dollars flow in the territory every year, including half of the oil consumed by the Asian countries.



Ever since April 2013, when Nicolás Maduro took power, Venezuela has kept the international community on edge. UN estimates record nearly 3M people have left the country since 2014, when the economic crisis aggravated. Hyperinflation has reached unprecedented levels. Maduro was invested for six second six-year term in May 2018. However, in January 2019, a new actor Juan Guaidó has declared himself as the constitutional president, and has been recognized by some, including U.S. President, thus creating a critical situation of power duality, aggravated by the recent humanitarian crisis. The question remains, what actions, if any, should be taken by the international community.



For historical reasons, the Security Council – in the effects of being one of the most influential organizations inside the United Nations- has the special procedure of the veto power. This is that any project should not be disapproved by any of the permanent members of the Council (China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States of America) to be authorized.


We are close to begin the greatest Model of the United Nations in El Salvador. Cheer up and join us in the amazing experience of being one of the first delegates in MUN ESEN '19.